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The square three-member

Автор задачи: Архимед

Первоисточник: Древнегреческие писмена

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The square three-member
    Lived there was a schoolboy on a name Sergey. he studied in the first class of school under the name "University - 1" in city Samara. Sergey was the remarkable programmer, but awful математиком. Just at school to them have explained, that such the square three-members and that refers to as as their roots and even have set the home task consisting from полусотни of tasks. But Сергей did not love to do the homework. He loved to sit in the Internet and хакать such sites, as,,,, etc. As to do the homework equally will come (differently Sergey the exception of school waits), he has decided to write the program calculating roots of the square three-members on the given factors.
    Let's remind, that as the square three-member the expression of a kind ax2+bx+c, where a, b, c - factors refers to as.
Format of input
    Unique line of an entrance file input.txt contains three integers a, b and with (-105 < = a, b, c < = 105) through a blank.
Format of a conclusion
    In a unique line of a target file output.txt all roots of the square three-member ax2+bx+c, ordered on increase, through a blank to within the third mark after a point should contain. If roots is not present, this line should represent a word "ALEF FOREVER" (without inverted commas, certainly). If you feel, that of roots too much (we shall tell, infinite set), let in a line will be written " MICROSOFT MUST DIE ".
1 - 3 2
1.000 2.000
The notes
1.  All characters, event and name of sites вымышленные. Any concurrence - pure accident.
2.  On any case, avoid superfluous blanks in a target file.
3.  Task, certainly, not from difficult, but also not from simple.

P.S. Sorry for the english version: it is Promt-98's translate.


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